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Lauren | Carl Sandburg High School | Class of 2013 | Chicago Senior Photographer | Indianapolis Senior Photographer

Well, now that it’s practically summer, I thought it was about time to get this winter beauty on the blog!  Lauren’s winter session was one that I was beginning to think would never happen!  We were waiting for snow.  And waiting…and waiting…and waiting.  Finally, at the end of February we got some snow.  Not a ton, but enough!

I love the way we styled her!  Her mom brought so many adorable winter white outfits and awesome jewelry, and I thought a pop of color in her lips would be amazing.  They were!  Just take a look!  There is such an air of vintage flair to these images.  I love them!  Lauren always makes it all so easy though!  She braved the freezing cold, and even though her hands were blue, she kept her bright, sunny smile.  🙂

Thanks, Lauren, for another amazing photoshoot!  You’re the best!

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Ryan | Lincoln-Way West High School | Chicago Senior Portraits

I’m so happy to FINALLY be putting up Ryan’s blog!  He is such a great guy, and we had so much fun during his photoshoot!  He was so easy going and up for anything—he made getting good shots a breeze!  Ryan is an excellent baseball player, and since our photoshoot, he has been playing in college, too!  I’m sure he will have much success, and I wish him all the best as he chases his dreams!

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Paige | Lincoln-Way Central High School | Class of 2013 | Chicago IL Senior Photographer

What a blast I had with Paige on her senior photo shoot!  She has such a sense of style, and those heels she brought were killer!  We roamed train yards, woods and fields, and found some awesome locations to get great images of this gorgeous girl!  Paige is not only beautiful, but one smart cookie, too!  She will be a Physics major at the University of Illinois this Fall.  I am honestly so impressed that though she is so smart, she is one of the most humble and sweetest girls I know!  Paige is also a Varsity cheerleader, and she serves by being a cheerleading coach for the Junior Knights of the New Lenox Youth Football Association.  She is a woman of many talents!  🙂

Paige, thank you so much for trusting me with your senior portraits this year!  I enjoyed every minute of having you in front of my camera, and hanging out behind it!

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Grant | Carl Sandburg High School | Class of 2013 | Chicago Senior Photographer

I couldn’t be more thrilled than to finally blog about Grant’s senior photography session!  What an absolute pleasure it was to get to know Grant.  Besides being one of the nicest guys there is, Grant is also very interested in business, and he’s a Debate National Qualifier.  He excels on his Debate Team, and hopes to one day be a political speech writer.  How cool!!  I can’t say I’ve might too many young people with aspirations like those!

Grant brought lots of awesome clothes to his shoot.  For guys, there are many good places to look for great things to wear like J Crew, or  I especially love the leather jacket that made him look even more “Tom Cruise-ish” than he already did!  Think, Top Gun!  Though I can happily say that even though they look alike, that’s where the similarity ends!  🙂

This was such a fun photoshoot, and I will always be keeping an eye on the political landscape, and be waiting to see Grant as some future President’s Press Secretary!  Thanks for an awesome session, Grant—you are the best!!

I love ^^this^^ image!  Grant, you’re gorgeous!!

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Lauren | Carl Sandburg High School | Class of 2013 | Chicago Senior Photographer

You may recognize this beautiful face from an earlier post.  And you will see it again two more times after this!  Welcome to “Lauren in Autumn”.  We had so much fun starting our shoot in Frankfort, and ending up in two “top secret” woodsy locations at the end.  Half of the fun of this senior photo shoot was location scouting with Lauren’s mom about 10 days before Lauren’s session!  I’m pretty sure we walked at least a couple of miles trying to find the cool hollow in the forest where we could use a lantern, and go for some mysterious images.  I think we achieved our goal!

The most successful photoshoots are the ones where my senior has really thought about what she is going to wear, and brings all manner of accessories to really accent her look.  Lauren took this to heart, and it’s evident in her images.  She took the time to browse Pinterest, ModCloth, Polyvore, and other great sites for fashion inspiration.  Lauren also brought pieces of clothing that were special to her, like the beautiful leather jacket she got while she was in Ireland on a special trip.  Incorporating pieces that are special to you give even more meaning to your senior images!

Since I last posted Lauren’s “Summer Shoot”, she has accepted admission to the Pre-Professional Program of the College of Health and Human Sciences at Purdue University for Speech and Language Pathology! They limit the program to 60 slots each year and they chose her!  I know she will do incredible things with her education, and really help people who struggle in this area!  You are really special Lauren, and I can’t wait for our next two senior sessions!  Now we just need to pray for SNOW!!!  🙂

I just love the warmth of this image, combined with those piercing blue eyes!  She is STUNNING!

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