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Lauren | Carl Sandburg High School | Class of 2013

So today is the last time that I get to blog about Miss Lauren.  This shoot was her fourth, and final, seasonal shoot of her senior year.

We already completed sessions in the Summer, Fall and Winter, when Inside Edition called and wanted to do a story about how Senior photography has changed over the years.  It just so happened that Lauren’s Spring session was scheduled for the very next day!  So Inside Edition sent out a camera crew to follow us along—from makeup, to the shoot, to interviews afterwards, it was an experience that none of us will ever forget!  It may not be obvious, but the weather was completely overcast, cold, and drizzly.  If it weren’t for Inside Edition being there, we DEFINITELY would have rescheduled.  🙂  But we pushed forward through our goosebumps, and Lauren’s sweet smile lit up the images instead of the sun!

I have grown very attached to this amazing girl over the past year, and you can bet that I’ll always look forward to updates about what fantastic things she is doing!  Love you, Lauren!

Here is the link to the Inside Edition feature:  Susie Moore Photography featured on Inside Edition


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Rachel | Hinsdale Central High School | Class of 2013

We had the most beautiful day for Rachel’s’ senior photoshoot.  Chicago FINALLY got some decent weather that didn’t freeze us out!  Three hours flew by as we talked, and laughed, and took pictures of a beautiful girl!  Rachel has got to be one of the sweetest, most genuine girls I’ve ever met.  She sings like an angel, and is planning to major in Music at the University of Illinois this fall.  I know she will be successful in all she does, and I’ll be cheering her along the whole way!

Thanks for a fabulous shoot, Rachel!  You are wonderful!

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Kaitlyn | Chicago Christian High School | Class of 2013 | Chicago Senior Photography

Oh goodness, I don’t know if I even have words to describe how beautiful Kaitlyn is, so I’ll just let you see for yourself!

This gorgeous Chicago Christian High School senior absolutely rocked her senior portrait session. We managed to squeeze in so many locations and looks – I love the variety of styles we captured! We did a little sophisticated country, a little urban chic, and, the most fun for me, those super fun shots in her tutu!  I also adore the shots with the pink petals surrounding her!

Kaityn’s plan after high school is to dance with the San Diego Ballet.  Eeeek!  It’s so exciting!  Someday when she’s dancing with the Joffrey Ballet here in Chicago, hopefully she’ll remember us little people.  🙂  I truly enjoyed every minute of Kaitlyn’s session, and I’ll be excited to see where life takes her!

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Kanika | Carl Sandburg High School | Class of 2013 | IL Senior Photography

So here’s the other half of the modeling dynamic duo!!  Kanika had to put up with the same crummy weather as Abby to model for a mentoring session that I had with two wonderful girls from Columbus, OH!  Honestly, Kanika had goosebumps on her goosebumps and, in spite of 40 degree drizzle, her smile was just as bright at the end of the shoot as at the beginning!

It was also really fun to hear that about 2 weeks after our photoshoot, Kanika was elected Prom Queen at her high school!  It really doesn’t surprise me a bit, after seeing the kind of person she is and the character she exhibits!  I’ll look forward to following her college career, and seeing the success she will be!  Thanks for everything, Kanika!

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Abby | Lincoln-Way East High School | Class of 2014 | Chicago Senior Photographer | Indianapolis Senior Photographer

Well, what can I say about Miss Abby?  She is the sister of one of my son’s best friends, and I have been waiting and waiting for the opportunity to photograph her!  I got that opportunity when I put out a model call for a Workshop Weekend and Abby responded!  I was so excited to be mentoring two fabulous photographers from Columbus, OH (Fran Barker Photography and Alison Janki Photography)!  Abby was an ideal model for us—super sweet, adorable, and willing to brave what turned out to be one the WORST days for a shoot that I’ve ever encountered!

I had to get creative with rainy, 40 degree weather!  So we ended up shooting in a greenhouse for the first half of the shoot, and braving freezing cold, damp weather for the second half.  Abby (and her counterpart Kanika, who you’ll meet in a future blog) could not have had better attitudes, sweeter smiles, or more enthusiasm!  They both really saved the day, and we ended up with MANY images of gorgeous girls!!

Abby, you are so wonderful, and I can’t wait to see what your senior year brings, and where God takes you!  Thank you for making lemonade out of lemons that day!

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