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Ryan | Lincoln-Way West High School | Chicago Senior Portraits

I’m so happy to FINALLY be putting up Ryan’s blog!  He is such a great guy, and we had so much fun during his photoshoot!  He was so easy going and up for anything—he made getting good shots a breeze!  Ryan is an excellent baseball player, and since our photoshoot, he has been playing in college, too!  I’m sure he will have much success, and I wish him all the best as he chases his dreams!

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Grant | Carl Sandburg High School | Class of 2013 | Chicago Senior Photographer

I couldn’t be more thrilled than to finally blog about Grant’s senior photography session!  What an absolute pleasure it was to get to know Grant.  Besides being one of the nicest guys there is, Grant is also very interested in business, and he’s a Debate National Qualifier.  He excels on his Debate Team, and hopes to one day be a political speech writer.  How cool!!  I can’t say I’ve might too many young people with aspirations like those!

Grant brought lots of awesome clothes to his shoot.  For guys, there are many good places to look for great things to wear like J Crew, or  I especially love the leather jacket that made him look even more “Tom Cruise-ish” than he already did!  Think, Top Gun!  Though I can happily say that even though they look alike, that’s where the similarity ends!  🙂

This was such a fun photoshoot, and I will always be keeping an eye on the political landscape, and be waiting to see Grant as some future President’s Press Secretary!  Thanks for an awesome session, Grant—you are the best!!

I love ^^this^^ image!  Grant, you’re gorgeous!!

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Luke | Carl Sandburg High School | Class of 2013 | Senior Portrait Photography

Luke’s senior photoshoot was so much fun!  We actually discovered a cool, old, deserted building during the shoot.  What an awesome surprise!  I love that location!

Besides being a fantastic golfer, Luke is also a pilot.  He’ll be going to school at Southern Illinois University, Western Michigan University, or Purdue and getting his degree in Aviation Flight and Management. Someday, he’ll continue the tradition of his grandfather and uncle!  How cool!  So in a few years, when you board that Southwest or American flight, keep your eyes open for Luke, and say, “Hello”.  🙂



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Zack | Lincoln-Way Central High School | Class of 2013 | IL Senior Photography

It seems like many times guys are hesitant about their Senior photoshoots, and I think Zack might have been at first, too.  But I think his images show that it took about 2 minutes for him to get comfortable, and have fun!  The key is to let guys stay masculine looking, and not spill over into more feminine poses.  I think once a guy begins to trust me in this, he relaxes, and we get great shots!  Zack is certainly a great example of that!

It was also great watching him interact with his twin sister, Gabby.  You can tell that they have a close relationship, and he is very protective of her!   🙂  As a photographer, I couldn’t have asked for any more than to photograph two great kids who both happen to be gorgeous!  Zack, thanks so much for an awesome afternoon!

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Kyle | Lincoln-Way West High School | Class of 2012 | IL Senior Photography

We had such a wonderful day for Kyle’s senior pictures—that is, if you call 100 degrees wonderful!  Yikes!  Kyle totally took it in stride though, wiped off the sweat, and was up for anything!  I so enjoyed getting to know him and his mom–he is truly one of the nicest young men I’ve ever met!

As I write this, Kyle is playing football for Eastern Illinois University.  I just love photographing my guy athletes!  Hope he’s have a great and safe season!

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