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Amanda | Columbia College | Class of 2014

Meet Amanda!  She may be the next Broadway or pop star someday!  Her singing voice is beautiful, and it would sure be fun to see her perform one day.  🙂  Amanda has such a striking look about her~~I mean, have you seen those piercing blue eyes?!  Wow!  I think she will definitely be noticed at her auditions!

Thanks for hanging in there for the whole freezing cold photoshoot, Amanda.  Purple hands and all!!  You were fantastic, and I loved getting to know you!

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Brittany | Biola University | Class of 2014

Our day started out bleak and gloomy, but we didn’t let that hold us back.  Brittany brightens up any room she walks into, and I think it shows in her photos!  She will be headed back to Biola in California this fall.  Who would ever guess this feminine beauty spends much of her school day in a ROTC uniform?!  I’m sure she makes it look good!!

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Zachary | Class of 2012 | United States Air Force Academy

I’ve known Zac since he was just a little guy.  He has never been mediocre at anything he does!  So it came as no surprise when he applied to and was accepted at the Air Force Academy.  Some day we will see his name on a Presidential ballot–I have no doubt about this!

Zac has such a good sense of humor and made our photoshoot a blast!  Thanks, Captain Crippen!!  🙂

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Alex | Indiana Wesleyan University

I was so happy to photograph beautiful Alex!  She was cracking me up because she was willing to do pretty much anything I suggested.  Whether it was traipsing through the forest with her sandals on, or lying down in the middle of a patch of wild flowers (and hoping there were no ticks around), Alex was totally up for it!  Afterwards, we rewarded ourselves with iced cafe’ mochas.  Yum!

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