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April Blair - Hi Susie,
I’m interested in talking to you about your one on one sessions.Your work is beautiful!!
The best way to contact me is cell (815)954-4443 or email
I look forward to talking to you!

Sandy Hansen - I am interested in your mentoring class. I am not proficient in photoshop, so this is not for me?
Would I have to travel to Chicago too?
I love your work and how you make the color pop!

Toinette Culp - Hi Susie!
I just stumbled upon you via Pinterest. Your work is where I want to be! I am starting to get proficient in Photoshop so maybe in a couple of months I would be ready for your class. I would love to know more about this class and be interested in talking with you either over the phone or email. I was wondering what lens(s) you typically use to shoot your photography and if you could send me a packet of the information you give to new clients on “what to wear” ect. I could send you postage to pay for the cost of sending it to me.
I, like you, decided to begin a second career. I am a physical therapist and I just started my photography business last Jan. I had resisted this decision for a few years. Then I attended a Catalyst Conference God spoke to me in a BIG way. The theme for the conference was “Create” fitting wasn’t it. Anyway, out of obedience I began my business. I don’t believe it was by mistake that I stumbled onto your webpage and that you love Jesus too!
I would love any input you can give. I was also wondering what equipment you usually use when shooting, lenses, flash, reflectors, light meters and such. THANKS a bunch! Many blessings to you for all the wonderful images you have created of God’s most magnificent creations!

Lynn Roux - Hi, I’m still an amateur photographer from South Africa. Could you give mr advice about the lense you use?

Cheryl Thomas - Please send me a schedule. I would love to see if I am available for one of your classes.
thank you!!

JJ Kaplan - Hi Susie, I would like to take your Ascend One-On-One class. Coudl you please let me know when you have availability?
Thank you so much,

Shannon Atchley - I am interested in your mentoring. I currently use photoshop. I have lightroom but I’m not using it at this time. Does the mentoring require lightroom knowledge? Do you have any other classes available?

Thank you so much!

Shannon Atchley!/pages/Atchley-Photography/160664268391

Kingdom 7 United IMAGES - Hey Susie! I would love to maybe take one of your classes! Please email me the dates and info! Thanks

admin - Hey there! I’m sorry, I just saw your post. If you’ll send me your name and preferred e-mail, I’ll be happy to send you info! You can send it to .

julisa haines - Mentor me please 🙂

Lucero Trevino - Hello! I would like to know a little more about this one on one mentoring. Would they be over videos or webcam or what or what haha please let me know 🙂 loooooove your photos!

Colleen Stormer - Please send me more info on your mentoring classes. Are there videos? Do you work on your images or our own. Do you discuss equipment? Very nice work.

keith - I am interested in scheduling a session.



Tammie Baker - Hi Susie! I would love to maybe take one of your classes! Can you send me a schedule of the dates and times. Your work is AWESOME!

Cary Bankston - Hi Susie,

I’ve admired your work for so long! I am a photographer in Michigan. Do you offer one on one mentoring in person for photography? I really want to improve my senior posing.


admin - Hi Cary,
At the moment, I only offer one-on-one online Photoshop mentoring, not in person. However, I have been kicking it around because I do love teaching, and it would be lots of fun! Thanks for you kind comments, and inquiry! I really appreciate it! 🙂 Susie

Tracy - I’m very interested in online mentoring. Is there a schedule?
Tracy Grier

Alex - Hi Susie,
I’m interested in your online mentoring. Your work is beautiful. Do you have any upcoming openings for your mentoring classes?
Thank you,

Amber Foresto - Hello Susie!!

My name is Amber and I was interested in your mentoring program. I know you’re stepping away from the industry to do ministry which I think is AMAZING but sad too My husband is a youth pastor and I love that you’re a christian in this industry. Anway I don’t know if you’re still offering mentoring but if you are I WOULD LOVE to be mentored by you. My page is I love your style and look at your page ALL THE TIME for inspiration. You’re colors are incredible!!

Have a blessed day,


Thomas Rabwl - Hello, I am oh so sad to hear you are stepping away from your photography. You have been one of my biggest inspirations in my work and I strive to this day to get something as amazing as what you do. I am out of Albuquerque, New Mexico and wanted to know if you were still doing the mentoring sessions, possibly online? I have family in Ft. Wayne, Indiana however I’m only up there during the holidays. I would love to learn the secrets of the one who has inspired me all this time. I understand your call to your ministry, that’s truly honorable and a journey I hope carries you well.


Dana Williams - Hi Susie.. I am interested in scheduling a session with you!
Thank you!

Shelley Britt - Hello Susie!
I am a big fan of your work and would love the opportunity to learn from the best. Would you please send me some info on your on line classes. Do you have any videos?
Thank you

jill - Hi Susie,

Are you still offering the mentoring classes? I love the beautiful colors you bring out in your photographs. I see you’ve stepped away from taking on new clients but was not sure if it applied to your PS mentoring as well.

Thank you!


Lori Nemeth - I am very interested in taking an on line class from you, please email me some information. Thank you! Lori

ane marie tierney - my website is under construction. I would love to have a photoshop mentoring session….I am familiar with both photoshop and lightroom but need lots more help! your work is incredible! ane marie

Sarah Wilson - Hi Susie,I am VERY interested in taking a class! Thanks, Sarah

Sue Eckl - Hi Susie!
I admire your brave choice with your ministry work with mentoring women! I was wondering if you were still giving lessons in Photoshop in your Ascend program? I’m looking to get my photos from good to great! I currently use Lightroom but am familiar with Photoshop as my background is in graphic design. I LOVE your “after” photos above. My photos lack that added pop and professional finish yours have. Please let me know your availability. I live in Carmel. Thanks!!

Alicia Hodges - Dear Susie, I know as of last year you were stepping away from photography, but I was curious if you were still doing mentoring and if so if you shoot canon. You see, I got the 5dmkiii in Jan and I am struggling with it with my exposuring. I am some what comfortable with my editing process so I wouldn’t need much in that area if any. What I am looking for is some help with my camera and helping me to nail my shots in camera. I am here in Indiana, up by Ball state in a small country town, and if this is something you could help me with I would be soo very very appreciative of it. I have been a huge admirer of your work for a LONG time so I am def hoping you say yes. 🙂 xoxo Thank you so much, Alicia! (p.s.I sent you a message on facebook as well)

Whitney Collins - Are you still offering mentoring? Thanks!

Nancy Hale - Sorry that you have given up your wonderful talent with photography but it seems you are headed on a meaningful course. I need to learn photo shop so mentoring is not for me at the moment . I am a beginner so I would like to know a few things.. what kind of camera do you use and what is your favorite lens? Do you shoot with natural light or a flash? Simple enough and thank you for your beautiful images. Nancy

admin - Hi Nancy,
Thanks for your kind words! I really appreciate it! I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III, and usually pair it with my 85 1.2 or my 135 2.0. I don’t use any flash. All natural light. 🙂

Kim Conant - Hi, I was wondering if you use Lightroom, and can you get the same effect in Lightroom as your before and after pictures featured?



admin - Hi Kim,
I use a combination of Lightroom and Photoshop in my editing. 🙂

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